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  •   The Alpha Netting Difference


    The search for quality paintball netting has become a daunting task. With so many websites making all kinds of claims on their netting who do you choose? Alpha Sports makes the choice a simple one by providing the only documented ASTM tested netting on the market. Our paintball netting has been designed to exceed the ASTM standard of 15 feet back, 10 shots at 300 fps in a 4" circle. In addition, Alpha Netting TM meets all other insurance and ASTM requirements. Alpha Netting TM is the only actual insurance approved and independently ASTM tested paintball netting. We have submitted our netting to paintball insurance companies for approval, and we don't have to sell our own insurance to get it approved. When comparing, see if any other company can offer documented test results. When they can't, give us a call! Our quality and dedication to the safety of your business will not be beat.

  •   Safety Comes First


    Did you know that our Premium Paintball Netting is the only netting in the industry to be tested per the ASTM set standards at a 3rd party facility with a documented test sheet to prove it exceeds the safety standards? With increased demand for a netting that would allow for point blank protection, Alpha Sports now offers Professional Grade Paintball Netting. Need indoor netting that is fire retardant? What about high wind protection, property protection, or netting fabricated to meet your custom safety specs. With Alpha Netting TM the safety of your field, spectators, and players is our top priority. This is why we have been chosen time and again as the industry's leading supplier of paintball netting and we currently fabricate netting for 3/4 of the industry's paintball equipment suppliers. Don't just take our word for it. Check out our testimonials section.

  •   Quality & Integrity


    The most common phrase we hear from our customers is "all paintball netting is the same so I should just shop the best price right?" … wrong. Just because something is labeled "paintball netting" does not make it an apples to apples comparison. All Alpha Paintball netting is 100% made in the USA with each batch 3rd party tested to exceed the ASTM standards. We tag and document all of our netting for quality control and testing purposes. Alpha Sports will never sell a cheap China knock off that may put your players and spectators, not to mention your business and livelihood at risk. Did you know that ALL Alpha Netting TM is made in the USA! Alpha Sports is proud to support jobs and growth here in the US. We have always been a proud supporter of the US military and we are currently the only military supplier to meet the "Buy American" clause. Buy once and buy right with Alpha Paintball Netting.

  • Professional Netting
  • Premium Netting
  • Tape & Grommeted
  • Economy Netting
  • Fire Retardant
  • Hybrid


Alpha Professional Grade Paintball Netting

Our Professional Grade Paintball Netting is the strongest netting the industry has ever seen! Alpha Professional Netting is rated to stop point blank impacts in excess of 320 feet per second. There is nothing stronger on the market to date and no other company offers a netting rated for point blank shots.

Due to its strength we also see it used as an option for Air Soft Netting. With a life span of 14-22 years this netting stands out above all others. This netting is available in black or clear and is currently used by the RPL Tournament Series! Alpha Professional Paintball Netting carries the longest UV life span on the market of 14-22 years.


Alpha Premium Paintball Netting

This is our premium insurance and ASTM approved paintball netting. It has been designed for the sport of paintball and will stop paintballs at the 15 feet back, 10 shots at 300 fps in a 4" circle insurance and ASTM standard.

Our premium netting carries a life span of 14-22 years! This is the longest life span on the market and the only netting to be submitted to paintball insurance companies for approval. It carries the industry's only independent ASTM testing documentation.


Alpha Tape & Grommet Paintball Netting

This is our most popular paintball netting. Tape & Grommeted netting can be made with either the premium or professional paintball netting. If you are looking for a paintball netting that is a breeze to set up and take down this is it. Also recommend for areas of high wind where you might have to take your netting down often.

Tape & Grommeted Paintball Netting is fabricated to hold industrial strength grommets in place every 18in on center. The material that holds these grommets in place is the strongest available in the industry (we don't just fold our netting over like the cheap guys). This netting carries the longest UV life span on the market of 14-22 years.


Alpha Economy Paintball Netting

Alpha Economy Paintball Netting is a standard barrier netting for paintball fields. This netting compares to all other competitors netting. It has been in house tested to the ASTM standards and comes at an unbeatable price.

This netting still maintains the same insurance approval and high quality UV treatment found on all our other products. It carries a life span of 8-10 years. Compare this netting to all other paintball netting on the market today.


Alpha FR Paintball Netting

We were the first on the market to offer a Fire Retardant approved paintball netting. This netting conforms in full to: California Fire Marshall's specification for chemical and fabrics, general and limited applications concerns (NFPA 701) standard. It also exceeds the ASTM E-84 standard. This is becoming a must for all indoor paintball fields.

We can now also offer a California approved applicant to make any of our paintball netting products meet the ASTM and NFPA FR standards. Have netting that you found out a little to late it didn't work as advertised? Our FR applicant works on any netting.


Alpha Hybrid Paintball Netting

Hybrid netting is 2 stage paintball netting. The first 12 feet is our insurance and ASTM approved paintball netting. The top 8 feet is a low density netting designed to let more wind pass through. The result is durable netting that will hold up in higher wind areas.

Alpha Hybrid Paintball Netting is now offered in both Premium and Professional, black and clear to meet all requests. All Hybrid paintball netting includes tape and grommeting and carries the same 14-22 year life span.

You can find all of these products and more in our Online Store. Please take a look at our full paintball field packages and bulk paintball specials. We offer more field start up kits than any other supplier. Remember we also offer the best in paintball compressors and paintball turf. As always, if you have any questions feel free to call or send us an email. We are here to help you!


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