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Alpha Paintball Supplies

  •   The Industry Leader


    Alpha Sports is the industry's leading supplier for large scale turnkey paintball facilities. Our staff has over 16 years paintball business experience and has serviced both indoor and outdoor paintball facilities for over 14 years. We have worked with the Smart Parts All American Indoor Park, The NPPL, The PSP, The CFOA, The RPL, and many other large scale setups. We have more than just the products, but the experience to help your business succeed from day one. After all, when you succeed, we succeed.

  •   A One Stop Shop


    Alpha Sports Inc / offers the most comprehensive paintball field kits that include paintball netting, paintball compressors, inflatable bunkers, paintball turf, and marker sets. We offer multiple types markers that can be included in our kits not just the same Tippmann starter kits you see everywhere else. We work had to not only offer the best quality products on the market, but to make sure we can be your one stop for all paintball field equipment. Ask us about custom made paintball field kits and financing!

  •   Get Started The Right Way


    When starting a field there are countless details to consider. What markers should I use? What sizes should my fields be? How do we hang the netting, install the turf, set the poles, and what paint will yield the best profit while allowing us to be competitive? Alpha Sports Paintball Field Packages are custom made to fit your business. Big or small, we have a field package that can meet most any budget. From small start paintball fields to full turnkey paintball facilities, we offer it all.

  • Basic Paintball Field Kits
  • Professional Paintball Field Kits
  • Custom Paintball Field Kits

Basic Paintball Field Kits

Our basic paintball field kits cover a wide range of selection. These kits can include anything from the bare bones needed to begin your business all the way up to high end products for multiple fields.

Basic paintball field packages are the model for most of our customers. Chances are one of these packages will be used to create a custom field package. Choose from a range of markers, netting, and other field items to start you business right.

Professional Paintball Field Kits

Alpha Professional field packages go several steps beyond the basic to include pole systems, inflatable arenas, paintball turf, compressor packages, and other high level options.

If you are planning on starting a multi field paintball park, indoor facility, or tournament level field our professional field kits have exactly what you need.

Custom Paintball Field Kits

Lets face it, no two fields are alike. Indoor, outdoor, large and small scale fields all have different needs. 95% of Alpha Sports customers will choose a custom tailored field kit for their business.

Custom paintball field kits allow for most anything you believe you business needs. Customize field sizes, onsite consulting, and all products for that just right fit. Our staff has over 16 years experience to assist you in making the right choices.