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Alpha Paintball Compressors

  • Bauer Paintball Compressors  Highest Quality Compressors

    Nuvair Paintball Compressors

    All compressors we offer are custom made and assembled here in the USA. Not to mention all of our systems are designed specifically for paintball unlike other compressors that are not designed for continuous duty and the abuse of our sport. Worried about how to operate and maintain a compressor? No Problem! Included with all compressors is free tech support from an industry leading staff dedicated to get you up and running hassle free.

  • Paintball Compressors  More Selection

    Bauer Paintball Compressors

    So you are ready to move to compressed air but like many others you have a lot of questions. Let our staff with over 16 years in the paintball industry take all the guess work out of buying a paintball compressor. Alpha Sports Inc. is the industries leading supplier of Bauer, Nuvair and Max-Air Paintball Compressors. It does not get any better than these 3 manufacturers. All compressors are covered with the industry's best warranty and include a secondary Alpha Sports warranty.

  • Paintball Compressor Systems  Benefits of Compressed Air

    Paintball Compressors

    Why buy air when you can compress your own? One reason for the tremendous growth of paintball is the increasing use of high pressure compressed air instead of carbon dioxide (CO2) or nitrogen (N2). Markers that use air have fewer problems than their CO2 counterparts and as a result shoot more paint more consistently. Owning a high pressure air compressor and storage tanks relieves the burden of dealing with a gas supplier and the risk of dealing with gases that can cause personal injury or worse if used improperly.

  • Portable & Small Paintball Compressors
  • Basic Systems
  • Large Field Paintball Compressors

Portable & Small Paintball Compressors

Nuvair Paintball Compressors

Our best selling compressors are our Small Store and Field Compressors offering more power and options than any others. All Bauer, Nuvair, and Alpha Air Compressors lead the field with greater than 4 SCFM and 5.5+ hp motors.

Looking for a compressor that is a breeze to setup and store? Need gas or electric? Need to fill directly from the compressor itself and go? No problem. These compressors were built for speed and durability. Not to mention nobody beats our warranty!

Basic Systems

Paintball Compressor Package

Have a small to medium size field and looking for that "just right" fit of covering exactly what you need without breaking the bank? Alpha Air, Bauer, and Nuvair all offer packages including Cascade Systems, Bulk Storage Tanks, and Adjustable Fill Panels.

Our Basic Field Systems offer a range of 3.5 SCFM to 8.5 SCFM with 5.5 hp to 9+ hp motors. You will not find more efficient paintball compressor systems anywhere on the market, or the selection Alpha Sports Offers.

Large Field Paintball Compressors

Paintball Compressors

You have the players, the location, and the fields. What you need is a large enough compressor system to support your growth and stay with you. Our large paintball compressor systems offer more bulk tanks, and more features than any others. We pack more in to keep your players and your field operators happy.

Our Large Field Systems offer a range of 9 SCFM to over 26 SCFM with 5.5 hp to 15+ hp motor options. These compressors offer auto on/off, auto drains, continuous duty, direct line fill, and air processing options. These systems are the last you will ever need!