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Are you looking to open a new paintball field or store? Maybe you are looking to update your current field. Alpha Sports Inc. has been serving the paintball industry for over 15 years with the best paintball field supplies, top business consulting, and customer service. Please have a look around our site and see why we offer not only the best Paintball Netting in the industry, but all other products as well. We look forward to serving you!


  • Paintball Turf  Paintball Netting

    Before you buy paintball netting, be sure that you are getting a quality product that will guarantee the safety of your players and spectators. works hard to offer you THE ONLY INSURANCE APPROVED and INDEPENDANTLY ASTM TESTED paintball netting on the market. We offer over 6 styles of paintball netting at prices that can't be beat. No other paintball company can provide you actual insurance and ASTM approved paintball netting, or a point blank tested paintball netting. So why take a risk that could put your players and spectators at risk? Buy once and buy right with Alpha Paintball Netting.

  • Paintball Pole Systems  Paintball Field Kits

    Alpha Sports Inc. / is the leading supplier of paintball netting, paintball turf, and paintball pole systems in the world. We offer you more options than any other company for paintball field supplies and paintball equipment. From the world's best selling paintball netting, to top quality paintball turf, paintball pole systems, paintball compressors, inflatable bunkers and inflatable arenas, we have it all. We work with your budget and needs to create the best paintball field package for your business. One size fits all is defiantly not the way to approach this industry. Let our staff put together the right paintball field kit for your business.

  • Paintball Compressors   Paintball Business Consulting

    Are you are looking to start a paintball business? Like any business owner you want to get it right the first time. Our staff holds over 17 years of experience in paintball field growth and management. We have overseen the placement of thousands of fields in the US alone and have also helped to establish fields for the government, military and high level universities. We are not in the business of just selling you a product and wishing you the best of luck. This is the way too many of the large paintball companies work, and it can spell disaster for most new fields. We invite you to call and speak with one of our consulting staff toll free at 888-729-1115.


  • Paintball Turf
  • Paintball Inflatable Arenas
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Paintball Turf

For most paintball fields, turf is the biggest must have purchase that will be made. It can be the most time consuming and expensive addition to any field, however if done correctly can yield a huge customer return.

Alpha Turf is the only paintball turf that has been researched and proven for paintball use. That's right, we put our turf through actual paintball play and ASTM testing. Insurance standard and ASTM standard testing is something you will only find with Alpha Turf. No other company independently tests its turf to the rigorous standards for safety and durability. Plus no other company will back their product with a minimum 15 year warranty!


Paintball Inflatable Arenas

First Introduced to the market as a solution to the growing demand for a portable paintball system, the Alpha Mega Arena has changed the way field owners think about paintball. The Alpha Mega Arena allows users to be completely portable with their paintball field operations or provide an onsite attraction as an addition to their current fields.

Our inflatable arena allows for a complete setup with turf and bunkers in just over 1 hour. Prefect for the portable business, parties, and events, the arena fully inflates in 9 minutes leaving you with a completely enclosed paintball arena. Don't be fooled by "look-a-like" arenas, this is the real deal. We test all arenas for paintball and Reball use by the set ASTM standards.


Paintball Netting

Looking for financing? No Problem! now offers the best in financing. Not to be confused with product leasing, you can now finance all paintball equipment and get approved in just a few hours.

Let us help you get your field off to the right start. Be sure to check out our products page for all our paintball equipment. Need Paintball Insurance as well? Just give us a call or send an email for free paintball insurance information. We will strive to help you get the best insurance rate for your field. With our paintball insurance network you only have to call or email us. We handle all the leg work for you.