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SOPAKCO MRE's Vegetarian - Full Pallet

Sure-Pak 12 Meals are ready-to-eat food rations. Shelf-stable and waterproof, Sure-Pak 12 Meals are perfect for emergency preparedness outdoor enthusiasts, or military training. Meals are deliciously prepared ready-to-eat meals that meet daily nutritional requirements. They can be stored without refrigeration for up to three to five years depending on storage atmosphere.

Entrée selection varies with each production run and is determined by inventory availability at the time.

Full Pallet = 48 Cases - 576 Meal with Heaters

$5,760.00   Quantity   
SurePak-12 Meals with heaters come with a total of 12 meals. Each meal is equipped with its own self-heating ration heater. Menus may vary and are not customizable. Some menu items may be vegetarian.
Main Characteristics:

Fully prepared and ready-to-eat entree.

Packaged for long-term storage.

Great flavor. No preservatives.

Perfect for Outdoors, Emergency Kits or Everyday Use.

No refrigeration required with up to a 5 year shelf life when stored at 70 degrees or cooler. Higher temperatures will reduce shelf life. Do not freeze.

This MRE entree is manufactured to military specifications. This entree is fully cooked and ready to eat, cold or heated.

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