Alpha Premium Insurance and ASTM approved paintball netting. It has been designed for the sport of paintball and will exceed the ASTM standard of 15 feet back, 10 shots at over 300 fps in a 4" circle ASTM and insurance standard.

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Alpha Economy Tape & Grommeted Netting 12X300

This is our Economy netting that's Insurance and ASTM approved paintball netting. It has been designed to catch stray balls, protect parking lots and neighbors from paintballs and will meet the ASTM standard of 15 feet back, 10 shots at over 300 fps in a 4" circle ASTM and insurance standard.

This net is best to catch stray balls with players and spectators being 15' to 30' away. IF PLAYERS OR SPECTATORS WILL BE CLOSER THAN 15' YOU NEED OUR PRO NETTING!. Our Economy netting carries a life span of 14-22 years. This is the longest life span on the market and the only netting on the market to be submitted to paintball insurance companies for approval, and independent ASTM testing.

This Netting is Tape & Grommeted with grommets every 18in on center for all 4 sides. All edges are reinforced and double stitched to ensure maximum life span!

Our Economy Paintball Netting has been our best selling netting for over 15 years. This is a cost effective netting designed to get your professional field or business off to the right start.

Why choose Alpha Sports Inc. for your paintball netting? We have over 17 years of actual experience in paintball field management and industry knowledge. We have consulted thousands of fields all over the USA alone. Don’t put your business in the hands of amateurs. Buy Once and Buy Right!

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The primary uses for Alpha Premium Tape & Grommeted Paintball Netting include: 

  • Professional Business Field Use 

  • Immediate Spectator Protection  

  • Property Divider / Property Perimeter Protection  

  • Ease of Netting Setup & Take Down 

  • High Wind Areas 

Alpha Premium Paintball netting is used by fields and businesses needing to offer protection to surrounding spectators, vehicles, and equipment. Proper ASTM boundaries should be utilized at all times.  


Our Premium Tape & Grommeted Netting Offers: 

  • 3rd Party ASTM Testing & Documentation  

  • Insurance Company Submission & Approval 

  • 14-22 Year Outdoor Life Span 

  • Custom Sizes & Heights 

  • Industrial Strength Grommets Every 18in On Center 

  • Reinforced Double Stitched Taped Edges


The search for quality paintball netting has become a daunting task. With so many websites making all kinds of claims on their netting who do you choose? Alpha Sports makes the choice a simple one by providing the only documented ASTM tested netting on the market. Our paintball netting has been designed to exceed the ASTM standard of 15 feet back, 10 shots at 300 fps in a 4" circle. In addition, Alpha Netting TMmeets all other insurance and ASTM requirements. Alpha Netting TM is the only actual insurance approved and independently ASTM tested paintball netting. We have submitted our netting to paintball insurance companies for approval, and we don't have to sell our own insurance to get it approved. When comparing, see if any other company can offer documented test results. When they can't, give us a call! Our quality and dedication to the safety of your business will not be beat.

You won't find a better paintball netting anywhere ... and we can back that up! Our netting is classified as a "demolition curtain" style netting ... not shade netting. Call a speak with one of our sales reps to learn how our netting beats out all others! Start your field with the piece of mind that you players and spectators will be safe!

The most common phrase we hear from our customers is "all paintball netting is the same so I should just shop the best price right?" … wrong. Just because something is labeled "paintball netting" does not make it an apples to apples comparison. Alpha Sports will never sell a cheap China knock off that may put your players and spectators, not to mention your business and livelihood at risk.

Alpha Sports Inc. is the oldest and largest supplier of paintball netting in the industry.We started in 2001 and have supplied the NPPL, PSP, CFOA, RPL and other tournament series. Our netting has supplied thousands of fields across the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Asia. All this and we have never had a single defective roll of netting! This is because we maintain the highest level of continued testing and keep our materials up to date. In fact we are the only company to update our netting since 2001. Measurements of netting are in feet. Example 20 feet in height X 300 feet in length. Give us a call or send an email with any questions - 888-729-1115, or ask live by using the Live Chat option found on any site page.

Date Added: Thursday 05 February, 2015

by Steven Henderson

Great netting. The quality is great and the grommets hold up.

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