AirUps Inflatable Paintball Bunkers are among the toughest in the industry. Custom made to order, you can be assured you are getting a top quality bunker with a 1 year warranty!

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AirUps NXL PSP Bunker Kit

Alpha is the largest supplier of inflatable bunkers world wide. We are the leading supplier to the US Military, NAF Contracting, US Colleges, and Independent Field Owners.

AirUps Inflatable Paintball Bunkers are among the toughest in the industry. AirUps set out to offer the best bunkers for any field. They didn't want field owners to spend much time or money maintaining them like other brands. This just turns into lost time and lost revenue for any business. In the process of manufacturing paintball bunkers, AirUps has sought to improve every weakness they could find. They also test in some unconventional ways. Can your bunkers lift a truck?

Why choose Alpha Sports Inc. for your business? We have over 17 years of actual experience in paintball field management and industry knowledge. We have consulted thousands of fields all over the USA alone. Don’t put your business in the hands of amateurs. Buy Once and Buy Right!

$7,499.00   Quantity   


AirUps Inflatable Paintball Bunkers Offer You: 

  • Heavy-Duty reinforced Vinyl.
  • 1.5 Inch Heat Welded Seams
  • AirUps Patented RF Welded D-Ring Pads
  • Super Anchoring Tie Downs
  • Super Fast AirUp Nozzles
  • 1 Year Extended Manufacturers Warranty!
AirUps NXL Field Kit Includes 50 Total Bunkers 

  • 2 Giant Bricks
  • 4 Giant Wings
  • 4 Mini W
  • 6 Medium Doritos (Standard Dorito)
  • 2 Small Doritos (Baby)
  • 4 3'x5' Cylinders (Pins/Kegs)
  • 4 Cakes
  • 4 Tall Cakes
  • 4 4'x6.5' Cylinders
  • 4 5' Maya (Temples)
  • 4 7' Maya (Temples)
  • 6 Snake Beams

Need custom colors or logos? Just give us a call. We will be glad to customize any bunker package

1 year warranty.
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Need a custom bunker kit, custom colors, or logo printing? No Problem. Give us a call and we will custom make your bunker kit exactly the way you want it! 888-729-1115 or